Nijel - I want to thank you again for your kindness. My family and our new foster children were very happy. The winner of everything were the skinny jeans. Unfortunately, we over looked the fact that the kids were removed the day before the young girls birthday, hence she looked at your generosity as Birthday gifts. We did ensure her birthday didn't go by the waste side. God picks all of us to do impactful jobs that give back and I'm forever grateful it allowed me to cross paths with both you and my friend who told us about KLOTHES 4 Kids. My life is forever richer. - Foster Family

""What an amazing young person you are! i was in and out of foster homes as a kid, with a trash bag of ratty clothes. i can only imagine the impact your duffel bags will make in the hard lives of kids. even the smallest acts of kindness can change a persons path through life. when i look back i remember the people and events that inspired me to a kind person and hard worker and find a way for a better life, which i had in time. it was people just like you! never ever stop doing good! now my daughter is a loving foster mom for little drug addicted babies... the love keeps moving forward if you never stop" - Anonymous

"I try to give them clothes they feel comfortable wearing." But Nijel Murray's collections of donated clothes are more than just comfort: they're compassion, empowerment & love. Gabby Hart @ KSNV News 3, Las Vegas

Nijel - you are a caring, beautiful soul. Thank you for all you do. - Anonymous

Nijel  hand delivered a duffel bag full of clothes to us 2 weeks ago when we picked up a newborn from the hospital - we appreciate him and the work he is doing!! - Travis S

Thank you!!! We didn't think to buy backpacks but what a beautiful surprise that you not only gave us a duffel bag filled with clothing.....you gave us new backpacks for school! You are so wonderful!! Thank you Nijel! - Cynthia

I have 3 nieces that my sister in law and brother in law adopted and they have fostered many other children too. What this young man does is amazing. They used to tell us how the kids arrived with their clothes in garbage bags or just what they were wearing. I just donated $50 and plan on donating to you again in the future. Thank you for what you do! - Michelle

Behind Every Successful Child Is A Village

8414 W. Farm Road. Ste. 180, #272 | Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

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