How to Donate?

We need your help! Because foster kids are so accustomed to being given hand me down clothing, we strive to fill each duffel bag with NEW clothes. Please consider donating clothing for NEW-BORN babies all the way up to sizes for High School aged children. {Boys & Girls} .  If you wish to donate cash, please click on the button below. 

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Why Duffel Bags?

On August 11th, 2018, Nijel celebrated his 15th birthday by inviting the entire community to "The Klothes 4 Kids Duffel Bag/Birthday Drive." The goal was to bring awareness to the foster care crisis and to collect new clothing to give to kids who are in foster care. His goal was to fill 25 duffel bags and raise $1,500.00 in cash. Nijel exceeded that goal and has been able to offer and provide assistance to more than 50 foster families and growing.


Children in foster care are given trash bags to put their belongings in. Trash bags were made for garbage and for a child who has lost everything, this is just one more reminder, in their minds, that they are worthless and garbage. THIS is why Klothes 4 Kids takes special care in how we deliver clothing to children. Each child gets a brand new duffel bag packed with brand new clothing and supplies.


If you wish to donate cash, please click on the donate button below.

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Behind Every Successful Child Is A Village

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